October 4th, 2007

Сказки и сказочники. Или ржу - не могу.

In other lab accidents recounted in the reports, the Public Health Research Institute in Newark, N.J., was investigated by the FBI in 2005 when it couldn’t account for three of 24 mice infected with plague bacteria. The lab and the CDC concluded the mice were cannibalized by other plague-infested mice or buried under bedding when the cage was sterilized with high temperatures.

The lab’s director, Dr. David Perlin, told the AP it would be impossible for mice to escape from the building and said a worker failed to record their deaths.

“I feel 99 percent comfortable that was the case,” Perlin said. “The animals become badly cannibalized. You only see bits and pieces. They’re in cages with shredded newspaper. You really have to search hard with gloves and masks.”
Прикол тут в том, что газеты - перестали использовать в клетках мышиных лет так - 20-30 назад. Опилки там. Слоем в полсантиметр-сантиметр. Ну и как там останки спрячутся?

An Oklahoma State University lab in Stillwater in December could not account for a dead mouse inoculated with bacteria that causes joint pain, weakness, lymph node swelling and pneumonia. The rodent — one of 30 to be incinerated — was never found, but the lab said an employee “must have forgotten to remove the dead mouse from the cage” before the cage was sterilized.

Все из клеток высыпают, перед мойкой и стерилизацией. И в принципе - сжигают, так что все должно быть ОК. Но в Оклахоме - могли и в ланфилл (помойку) выкинуть.
Вообще-то, в нормальном зверятнике - каждая дохлая мышь, отмечается в бумагах и замораживается для последующих исследований, если надо.

Some recount missing or lost shipments, including plague bacteria that was supposed to be delivered to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in 2003. The wayward shipment was discovered eventually in Belgium and incinerated safely.
А кто проверил - что сожгли таки чуму? Всю?

Texas A&M’s laboratory failed to report, until this year, one case of a lab worker’s infection from Brucella bacteria last year and three others’ previous infection with Q fever — missteps documented in news reports earlier this year. The illnesses are characterized by high fevers and flu-like symptoms that sometimes cause more serious complications.
В BU (Boston University), была такая же херня. Слава Кришне - вся зараза, не такая уж заразная на самом деле. Но....

A worker at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research-Naval Medical Research Center in Silver Spring, Md., sliced through two pair of gloves while handling a rat carcass infected with plague bacteria. The May 2005 report said she was sent to an emergency room, which released her and asked her to return for a follow-up visit.
По доброму - надо было в карантин ее. А по злому - хлоркой с негашенной известью засыпать.