March 24th, 2009

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Eurasian Secret Services Daily Review
Chechens in Turkey fear Russian intelligence death squad team 
French intelligence to help Turkish secret services to investigate Russian hitmen murders
Trial of Georgian-Armenians accused of spying for Russia to take place in near future
Russian secret services linked to cyber-attacks against Georgia
Transformation of Russia’s GRU brigades to be continued, officers leaving for new place of service
Russian who says he spied on opposition denied asylum in Finland
Mayor denies presence of Islamic fundamentalism in southern Bulgaria's villages after SANS questioning
Bulgarian secret services withdrawn even more classified information clearances
Bulgaria's Agriculture Minister outraged by State Agency for National Security raid

Chechens in Turkey fear Russian intelligence death squad team
  Chechen burial in Turkey. Photo kavkazMemo
  Chechen burial in Turkey
Turkish online paper World Bulletin reports that a new debate has been surfaced after three Chechen murders in Istanbul in five months.
While all doubts are on the Russian intelligence, Muslum C, an aide of Ali Osayev, killed last week, says, "a team of 30 Russian intelligence agents walks freely in Turkey now. After every murder, we ask ourselves "who is next". Turkey should take precautionary measures."
In Istanbul, Edilsultanov Gazi who fought against Russian army in Chechnya as 'Colonel' on September 6, Islam Canibekov on December 9 and Islam Ali was assasinated late February.
Way and used weapons of these attacks prompts to think over the role of Russian FSB intelligence.
Muslum C. insisted the Russian intelligence agency is "behind these killings". "Murders are committed by the Russians or their accomplices. Russia is trying to destroy us by using puppets in Chechnya like Ramazan Kadirov", he said.
The Russian regime critics in Turkey say the Russian domestic intelligence agency (FSB) is known for attacks against not only to Chechens, anyone who criticizes the invasion of Chechnya in Russia, who talks about the human right abuses in the region. "The questions about the agency has been intensified after Putin's Duma gave special powers to use for specific tasks within and outside the country. The agency is able to make electronic listening in abroad and carry out assassination in anywhere in the world." 

French intelligence to help Turkish secret services to investigate Russian hitmen murders 
A confidential summit of the secret services of Turkey and France, which has taken place in Istanbul and has been focused on the joint efforts to combat with hitmen gangs of Russia and Chechen leadership that organized terror against the Chechen refugees in Europe, the Turkish daily newspaper Sabah reports.
"French officials, who want to protect Chechens living in their country, secretly came to Turkey to investigate three Chechen murder cases. Exchange of information has been conducted between the Turkish and French officials. The mysterious murders of Chechen in Istanbul, had alarm not only the Turkish security units but also the French intelligence service. A few days
french intel del . sabah photo  
French agents in Istabul   
ago, a French delegation secretly came to Turkey to get information about the murder cases of Chechens. The delegation met with prosecutors and intelligence service. According to information, some time ago the French intelligence units got info saying that armed and bomb assassinations of the Chechen leaders would be conducted in France.
The French intelligence services believe that assassinations are planned by the Russian secret service (FSB). French intelligence has changed addresses and IDs of the Chechen leaders living in France. The French anti-terror police has given a strict protection to the Chechen leaders and their families living in the country.
The French delegatiin did secret entry and exit from airport and met with Turkish Ministry of Justice and the National Intelligence Organization (MIT). The Liaison Judge Philippe Dorcet from French delegation said the following to "Sabah" newspaper: "We have got information from our secret police DGSE that assassinations of the Chechens would be carried out in France. We are doing a very secret investigation in this direction. Chechen murders that occurred one after another in Turkey attracted our attention. We think murders in Turkey show similarities to each other. We have established a special intelligence team for Chechens living in France. A Russian connection is closely examined from the intelligence that we got.”
Istanbul Deputy Chief Prosecutor Turan Cholakkad, who participated in the meeting with the French delegation, said that the murders of Chechens do not relate to organized crime. In the meantime it is reported that the MIT has prepared a report on three Chechen murder cases. The report says that the killed Ghazi Edilsultanov, Islam Janibekov, and Ali Osayev are all participated in the resistance in Chechnya. The report also indicates that the most of the Chechen groups enter Turkey illegally, but they do not do any crimes here.

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