April 30th, 2010

Как интересно.

Заметка на сайте Радио Свобода-Свободная Европа:
OSLO ­-- Vladimir Bukovsky spent nearly a dozen years in a Soviet prison camp. So being forced to sit at the sidewalk cafe outside his Oslo hotel by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's security detail was but the latest indignity, however slight, that the former political dissident has had to bear at the hands of the Russian government.

"It just gives you a taste of it," he said in between cigarettes and sips of coffee as dozens of Russian security guards and machine-gun toting Norwegian policemen milled outside the door of the Grand Hotel, one of Oslo's finest lodging establishments and the place where international dignitaries and Nobel Peace Prize recipients usually stay when they're in town. "He's just a puppet," Bukovsky muttered.

Bukovsky came to the Norwegian capital this week for the second annual Oslo Freedom Forum, a gathering of over a hundred dissidents, politicians, activists, academics, and journalists. They all happen to be sharing the same hotel as Medvedev's entourage, which is occupying the seventh floor and is here for the first state visit by a Russian leader in over a decade.
The organizers of the Freedom Forum have made no hesitation to capitalize on what others might see as just an ironic happenstance. On the morning of April 26, forum founder Thor Halvorssen issued a press release challenging Medvedev to meet the dissidents in the lobby of the Grand Hotel "to discuss the troubling human rights record of Russia and that of his predecessor, Vladimir Putin."

At a press conference introducing some of the forum's speakers, Halvorssen said: "We know [Medvedev] is very busy. We know that he has a million-man army, a nuclear arsenal, and 300 bodyguards in this hotel. All we have is e-mail and fax machines."

Откуда деньги, Зин? Чтобы остановится в лучшей гостинице Осло, в одной из самых дорогих стран Европы, нищебродам типа борца за права гомосексуалистов в Уганде?