January 13th, 2012

Движуха, это все!

Biogen Idec Inc. Chief Executive George Scangos is trying to solve a problem of his own creation: He must replenish an early-stage drug research pipeline that he decimated after taking over the biotechnology company in 2010.

Scangos and his research chief eliminated about 17 early-stage drug projects in 2010 and last year to hone the company's focus, leaving it with only about four early-stage compounds. Biogen exited oncology and cardiovascular research and is now targeting drugs to treat neurological and autoimmune conditions.


Сначала убить свои программы и разогнать людей, а потом покупать лицензии у сомнительных дятлов. И это - стандартное поведение руководителей бОльшей части компаний...