April 27th, 2012

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1. О здоровье катрожников науки.
David Bell was a senior at University California at Davis when he began to work at Agraquest, a start-up biotech firm. In the five months and nine days between when he was hired, in August 1998, and June 1999, when he was laid off after he fell sick, he worked primarily on two bio-pesticide projects: Laginex and Serenade.
Bell and a co-worker filled 10-kilo bags of Serenade from a larger drum. Bell did not wear a respirator while loading the Serenade. “I thought that I had the safest job in the world,” he says.

But while he was employed at Agraquest, Bell developed histoplasmosis, a lung disease that sometimes affects spelunkers who come into contact with bat guano.

He has had four sinus surgeries since to try to address the illness. Now his immune system is a wreck and needs intravenous immunoglobulin (IV IG) transfusions every month to bolster it.

Bell and his mother, Sandi Trend, allege that Bell’s former workplace may have exposed him to bacteria and fungi that led to his initial illness.

Trend, who runs a website called bio-tech awareness, alleges that Agraquest did, and still is, covering-up it role in her son’s illnesses and suggests that corruption and the breakdown within the California workers compensation system have frustrated Bell’s attempts at redress.

When Bell first began experiencing symptoms in 1999, he was prescribed antibiotics and painkillers, to no avail. He says Agraquest did not provide him with a claim form for potential benefits under the state Workers’ Compensation system, as required by the California Labor Code.

According to Trend, the surgeon who performed Bell’s second sinus surgery in 2002 failed to culture his tissue. Was this simply an oversight? The answer is unclear. However, Trend says, the same hospital where Bell was operated on had on its board of trustees the CEO and founder of Agraquest.

A second potential conflict of interest, Trend says, is Bell’s experience with filing a claim for a California workers’ compensation settlement in 2003. Agraquest provided him with the wrong name of its insurer, which denied his claim. Bell eventually filed a claim with company’s actual insurer, Liberty Mutual, but again his claim was rejected. The then took his case to court. But Workers’ Compensation Administrative Law Judge Suzanne F. Dugan denied his claim because it had been filed “over four years after his termination of employment.” Bell appealed the ruling, but lost. Judge Dugan, incidentally, once worked at the law firm that represents Liberty Mutual.

Bell and his mother are still struggling for justice and to pay medical bills. Bell’s annual income from Social Security Disability Insurance is $12,000. “It’s kind of freaky to live on limited income and get medical bills of $12,000 to $17,000 for once-a-month IV IG transfusions,” he says.

Студент работал с бактериями и получил серъезное заболевание легких и разрушенную имунную систему. Потому что компания или сэкономила на спецодежде или не донесли до него, что спецодежда нужна. Его уволили, страховку не заплатили и поиграли в игры, чтоб он ее не мог получить. И суд его прокатил, хотя был конфликт интересов. Сейчас сидит на пенсии по нетрудоспособности, одна тысяча долларов в месяц. На лечение тратит 12-17 тысяч в месяц. Был бы в МА, Ромникаре (известное также как Обамакаре) платило бы за лечение хоть.

2. И хобот ему оторвет:
A Boston woman single-handedly grabbed a man by his collar and held him until police arrived after she says he exposed himself to her on a crowded Boston train during Thursday’s commute, MyFoxBoston.com reported.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/04/21/boston-woman-stops-man-who-allegedly-flashed-her-on-train/?test=latestnews#ixzz1tGw9FNob
Бостонская женщина задержала и передала полиции мужчину, который якобы пытался ей показать в переполненном поезде.

3. Как отдыхают дочери президентов:
President Obama’s eldest daughter Malia is enjoying her Spring Break as she and her friends are living it up in the historic Mexican city of Oaxaca.

The young tourists are staying at a downtown hotel in a city which is famous for its colonial architecture and well-preserved Native American traditions.

A police official said:

“We are here to block access to the hotel by other people and escort the vehicles that are carrying the visitors to tourism sites.”

Malia and her friends are guarded by 25 U.S. Secret Service agents as well as Mexican police, the official also noted.


Утверждается что дочь Обамы поехала на весенние каникулы в Мексику с друзьями. Их охраняет 25 агентов Секретной службы, доступ к отелю ограничен для публики. В других источниках утверждают что сообщение о каникулах дочери президента было потерто с основных новостных сайтов США.

5. Два дурака и бандит:

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