August 5th, 2012

Что может говорить хромой об искусстве Герберта фон Караяна?

BRICs should worry about their own problems,

by Joel Brinkley

As the world struggles to deal with it two largest foreign-affair dilemmas, Syria and Iran, resolutely standing in the way are the BRICs.
That's the acronym foreign - policy wonks use for the block of nations that routinely refuses to join the multilateral world of diplomacy dominated by the United States and the West. They seem to glory being contrary.

And then there's Russia. On Saturday, President Vladimir Putin signed into law a bill branding foreign-funded NGOs as "foreign agents," authorizing potentially obtrusive regulation of organizations including Oxfam, Doctors of the World and the International Committee of the Red Cross.,0,841221.column

Заголовок из М. Жванецкого, "Стиль спора".