October 27th, 2013

Суть времени.

"Over the past 30 years, the world has been transformed by globalization and technology, and from that tumult has emerged a new class of billionaires who profited from the change, innovators, business leaders and heirs. In the prime of their lives, many turned attention to remaking the world, often through policy and politics. It's a return to the era of great benefactors like Rockefellers, Mellons and Carnegies. It's their world. You just vote in it.
Not since early 20th century have individuals had so much power to unilaterally shape our lives and shift our ideas. And never in history have they been able to exert their will so easily on such a global scale. "
TIME Magazine, October 21, 2013. pp 22-23.

Благодеяния перечисленных титанов начала 20 века, хорошо известны людям с советским образованием. Так что, история пойдет по кругу, сдается мне.