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Вот вы говорите весь Лондон скупили, все деньги увезли, а детей в школы отдали:

А вот пишут:

The Economist (no friend of Russia) provides the actual figures:
“….the high profile of London’s high-rolling Russians belies the relatively small role that their money plays in the wider economy. Foreigners hold roughly £10 trillion of British assets. Russia’s share of that is just 0.25%, a smaller proportion than that of Finland and South Korea.
Parts of west London have acquired many new Russian residents, and shops to serve them (including an outfitter of armoured luxury cars). Yet even in “prime” London – that is, the top 5-10% of the market – buyers from eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union account for only 5% of sales, according to data from Savills, a property firm. Outside the capital’s swankiest districts, Russians’ influence is minuscule. The departure of oligarchs might affect prices on some streets in Kensington, but not beyond.
The same is true of Britain’s private schools. Some have done well out of Russian parents. But of the 53,678 foreign pupils who attend schools that belong to the Independent Schools Council, only 2,806 are Russian. China, by contrast, sends 9,008 pupils from its mainland, and a further 5,188 from Hong Kong.
Looking at these figures it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that it is the mere presence of Russians, not their number or their wealth or the illicit way in which some of them supposedly came by their money, which for the British establishment is the problem.”

Выходцы из РФ, владеют примерно 0.25% всей собственности которой обладают иностранцы в ВБ. Выходцы из Финляндии и Южной Кореи - имеют больше. Выходцы из всего бСССР, обладают примерно 5% недвижимости в козырных местах Лондона. Из 53 678 детей обучающихся в частных британских школах, из РФ прибыло 2 806. Из Китая 9008, а из Гонконга - 5 188.

Кстати, рекомндую всю статью прочесть, неплохо описана ситуация c параноидальной русофобией Британии.
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